100% Baby Alpaca Pucker Weave Throw 60″x90″


Product Information

Made of 100% Baby Alpaca which is sheared from the softest part of the adult Alpaca located under the neck. The fibres from the Alpaca has a unique hollow core which gives it an insulating softness that is extremely light weight yet much warmer than wool. And because it contains minimal lanolin, alpaca can often e used by people who have allergies to wool. It is also Oeko-Tex certified standard q00 dyes which means it is environmentally friendly.

This is wonderfully textured piece…..the weave is meant to represent the ripples and waves of water as it meets the shore. ┬áIt has a very soft, but spongy hand with all its gathers.

Also available for $515.00 in a 50′x70″ size as a special order……contact us for imformation.