About Us



The focus of the store is premium bedding and linens. The concept was born out of a love for fabric. Pisolino was established to provide quality and style to the design conscious, as well as those who just understand the importance of rest in everyone’s very hectic lives.

We source the world over for our fabrics and manufacture as much as we can right here in Vancouver. This creates the opportunity to customize our pieces, which gives us a unique look, but also allowing you to have items that suit your personal needs. Employing talented local craftsman also ensures greater quality control.

Our fabrics are selected as much for their texture as their colours. Melding the cool crisp hand of Egyptian cotton, and the weathered look of linen with the shine of silk and the warm calming effect of matte velvet makes it possible to create a quiet, comfortable and uniquely personal refuge. Throw in one of our faux furs and you can raise the glamour to another level.

Along with our bedding products, we have bath towels, bathrobes, home accent pieces, and room fragrance items. We also have a small selection of furniture from headboards to benches and chairs to add character to your space.

Soon to come, a line of furniture that fits with the Pisolino esthetic. The pieces will be simple and elegant, and will offer the same quiet comfort as our bedding and linens. Again, you will be able to adapt these pieces to your space by choosing your fabrics or colors.

Set among some of Vancouver’s favorite design stores, Pisolino invites you to “feel” your way around our loft-like space, right in the heart of Yaletown.

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