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Tis the Season……

Welcome to Pisolino’s Christmas so far…

Santa was working very hard on his ‘NAUGHTY & NICE” list…….his eyes became too heavy to keep open so he crawled into our bed in our front window and there he has stayed ever since.  We have called the window “COMFORT & JOY”.



A “DO NOT DISTURB” sign has been hung over his head……and we hope that no one wakes him up. He has been impossible to deal with when he is awake……




While he has been sleeping we have taken the opportunity to check out his list… seems that everyone has made the naughty side this year except for one…..hmm!!!!




In the past few weeks Santa has become a “CELEB” in Yaletown……the paparazzio and the locals snapping his picture attaching it to blogs and facebook posts….




But the best story of all was a three year old boy who came into the store…….he was told that it was Santa in the window and that he better not disturb him, or he might end up in the NAUGHTY side of the list…….the look of awe and fear on his face was real……. Even though he knew that he was not allowed to disturb he could not resist quitely tip toeing  back to the front window on several more occasions to catch a peak….the awe never leaving his face……unfortunately we did not get a chance to capture it on film…….but it was very sweet and made my day.

Wishing everyone a happy, and awesome holiday season!