100% Egyptian Cotton 500 t/c Percale Euro Sham

$70.00 each

Product Information

Slide04This is our basic house cotton……

More important then the fact that this is  500 Thread Count is the fact that it is made with 100% Egyptian Giza Cotton which is the finest. ( A hint: when you are buying sheets make sure that it is 100% Egyptian cotton…. check the labels)  When you have Egyptian cotton you have a stronger, smoother fiber which translates into a crisp, cool feeling sheet, which is also as soft as butter.  You have to stop in and at least feel this fabric!   With proper care these sheets will last for years!

The fabric is woven in one of the top mills in Italy for us and then we make the sheets here in Vancouver.  Although we stock this product in the basic sizes we also have the ability to customize your size if you have an unusual sized bed.  Usual turn around time for your own product is approx 3 weeks.

We stock white, off white, and a soft grey, and we will add one more fashion color every season, so watch for that! And check out our Sheets and Pillowcase Category…..we make them in out house cotton as well.

Shams  have a  button closure (but could be done with a zipper) .

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Never use clorine bleach (it breaks down and weakens the fibers).  Never wash with any other items (again the friction caused in the washing machine will wear and break the fibers).  Never over dry your sheets (need I say it again, it will break down the fibres).  On the first wash, fill the washing machine with warm (not hot) and let the sheets sit for 1/2 hour…it sets the threads).  Always was in cool to warm water.  And lastly, if you w ant your sheets to stay crisp, you have to iron them……