100% Linen Sheets and Cases

$150.00 - $425.00

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More breathable and durable then cotton, linen is an amazing alternative to a beautiful cotton sheet.  The beauty of linen is in its texture and it’s weight.  To look at…..the crinkled texture is welcoming visually and to the touch, while the weightiness of linen is a joy to sleep under.  A lot of people like to have weight on them while they sleep, linen gives you that while still being very airy and completely breathable…..it is a great combination.

The initial rougher texture does take a little getting use to, but over time linen just keeps getting softer and softer while lasting for a very long time…..that is why you will hear that the Europeans pass their linen down from gene ration to generation……number one because it is made from linen, but secondly because everyone wants it…….it is a pretty special experience!!!!

Our linen is woven for us in Italy, with there great finish and techhnique, and we make our product locally in Vancouver…..giving us the ability to adapt to your special needs.  Although we do not stock all the colors there are 30 colors available and it is just a few day turn around from Italy to get them here for you.

Check out our Duvet and Sham category to find the information on these products, as we do make them in our linen as well……