100% Long Staple Cotton 300 t/c Sateen Duvet Cover

$280.00 - $350.00

Product Information



Add a little glam to your space…..

Again, it is 100% Long Staple Cotton.  Stronger, smoother, softer, and more durable then other cottons.  Sateen is different then Percale only in it’s appearance……It has a shine on the surface were Percale is matte…created only in the way it is woven on the loom not in the fibers.

The fabric is woven in Italy for us, and then we produce the finished product locally in Vancouver.  It allows us to be different, but it also allows you to have more choice in your finished product.  There are 120 colors available to choose from …..we may not stock it all, but if there is color that you are looking for we can make it for you.

Duvet has button closure (but could be done with a zipper) and button tabs in all four corners allowing you to button your duvet inside the cover so that it does not move around.

Please do not hesitate to ask us about the color selection!  And don’t forget to check out the Sheet and Pillowcase category as we also make all our colors in these products as well.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Never use clorine bleach (it breaks down and weakens the fibers).  Never wash with any other items (again the friction caused in the washing machine will wear and break the fibers).  Never over dry your sheets (need I say it again, it will break down the fibres).  On the first wash, fill the washing machine with warm (not hot) and let the sheets sit for 1/2 hour…it sets the threads).  Always was in cool to warm water.  And lastly, if you w ant your sheets to stay crisp, you have to iron them……